Mr. Clarence Miller


Clarence Earl Miller served in the U.S. Air Force from 1942 – 1946. He worked on airplanes as a crew chief and maintenance instructor during World War II. Watch Video

Colonel Robert Voss


Colonel Robert Voss was commissioned into the Army Air Corps September 12, 1942. He served in the 332nd Squadron, 94th Bomb group and 8th Air Force in WWII’s European Theater of Operations. He was a pilot of the B-17 “Flying Fortress,” and named his plane “The Dorothy V,” after his wife. Watch Video

Mr. Joseph F. Thompson


Joseph Francis Thompson volunteered for the U.S. Air Force following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He enlisted at Jefferson Barracks in Missouri. He served in the 435th Group Troop Carrier & 77th Squadron during World War II. During his four years of service, from 1941-1945, he fought in D-Day, the Invasion of Southern France, Battle of the Bulge, and Market Garden. Watch Video

Major Charles Smith


Major Charles Formwalt Smith commissioned into the US Army Air Corp during WWII. He served as a B-29 pilot in the 315th Bomb wing, 16th Bomb Group, 15th Squadron. He attended Aviation Flight School in Lafayette Louisiana at Walnut Ridge, in Arkansas at George Field, and in Illinois. He achieved the status of Aviation Cadet Squadron Commander at Twin Engine Advanced Flight School. Watch Video

Mr. Robert Schultz


Mr. Robert Schultz enlisted into the United States Marines during World War II, shortly after Pearl Harbor. He attained the rank of Private First Class and served from November 22nd, 1943 to December 20, 1945. He was stationed on the USS California, which operated in the south pacific, and was mainly tasked with the operation of the ships anti-aircraft guns. Watch Video

Dr. Gerhard Malcharek


Dr. Gerhard Malcharek was born in Otten Dorf, Germany, and grew up during World War II in Czechoslovakia. After the German invasion, Dr. Malcharek and many of his classmates were forced to leave school in order to dig holes and trenches for the Germans to use. At the age of 13, he was persuaded by the opportunity to drive tanks and volunteered to join the front lines of the German Army. Watch Video

Mrs. Mary Ann (Ladic) Koucky


Mrs. Mary Anne (Ladic) Koucky was born on April 10, 1934. Her and her family moved to the Philippines during the Great Depression. With the Japanese invasion of the Philippines during WWII, the Ladics were relocated to a POW camp in Manilla. Spending three years transferring from camp to camp, Mrs. Koucky overcame many hardships of the terrible living conditions she was forced to endure with her family members and hundreds of other people. Watch Video