Colonel Al Brewer



  • Dates of Service: Commissioned June 1951 to Oct. 1, 1983.
  • Highest Rank: Colonel
  • Unit, Division, Battalion,group, ship : Headquarters Military Airlift Command
  • War, operation, or conflict: Korea and Vietnam.
  • Locations of military or civilian service; Various Pacific/ European areas
  • Medals or special service awards: LOM, DFC, AM (six)
  • Special duties/ highlights/achievements: Col. Director of Current Operations and MAC


Col. Al P.H. Brewer Jr. feverishly tried to persuade his parents to sign the papers that would allow him to join the military and when he turned 18, he joined the United States Air Force. For 32 years, 9 months, and 36 days he proudly served our country in Korea, Vietnam, various other Pacific and European areas. While in the Air Force, he worked in the Military Airlift Command Headquarters. Colonel Brewer was in over 100 combat missions with more than 800 combat hours. He bravely fought in Korea and Vietnam in order to Colonel Brewer was awarded the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross and six achievement medals. After the war, he used the GI Bill to obtain a masters degree.


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