Mr. Gilbert Johnson


  • Branch of service or wartime activity:  United States Army
  • Dates of service: He was drafted and served from October 25, 1966 – October 25, 1968
  • Highest rank:  Sergeant
  • Unit, Division, Battalion, Group, Ship.:  A Company Second Battalion 25th Infantry Division
  • Location of military or civilian service:  CuChi Vietnam
  • Battles/Campaigns:  Operation Cola, Junction City, Tet Offensive
  • Medals or special service awards:  Silver and Bronze Star
  • Special duties/ highlights/ achievements:  Platoon Sergeant, “Tunnel Rat,” Recon Specialist


Gilbert Johnson served in the United States Army from 1966-1968 in Alpha company, second battalion, 25th Infantry Division. He was stationed primarily in CuChi, Vietnam. During this time, he served as a Platoon Sergeant, Tunnel Rat, and Recon Specialist. He participated in Operation Cola, Junction City, the re-taking of the American embassy in Saigon, and the Tet Offensive. For all of his courageous efforts, Gilbert Johnson was awarded both the Bronze Star and the Silver Star. When the time came for Johnson to return home from the war, he felt reluctant to leave his men in Vietnam. However, when their 6 months were finally up, he made his way to Texas to see them come home.

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