Mr. James Patterson


  • Branch of service or Wartime Activity: United States Navy Airman
  • Service dates:  enlisted and served from January 1945 – 1947.
  • Highest Rank: Seaman 1st Class
  • Unit, Division, Battalion,group, ship : Oklahoma, Norfolk,VA, Air Force Atlantic Fleet, Flew the SNGA
  • War, operation, or conflict: WWII
  • Locations of military or civilian service: Jefferson Barracks, Great Lakes Boot camp, Camp Green Bay
  • Special duties/highlights/achievements:  Aviator Medal Smith Pilot


Mr. James Patterson enlisted in World War II, serving in the United States Navy from 1945 to 1947.  He was stationed in Oklahoma and Norfolk, Virginia.  He was a part of the Air Force Atlantic Fleet, and few the SNGA.  His locations of military or civilian service include Jefferson Barracks, Great Lakes Boot Camp, and Camp Green Bay.  He was scheduled to board the ill – fated U.S.S. Indianapolis, but was removed from the mission shortly before leaving.  The U.S.S. Indianapolis was carrying the major components for the two atomic bombs that were later used on Hiroshima.  On the return trip from the island of Tinian after delivering the its cargo, the U.S.S. Indianapolis was hit by two torpedoes from the Japanese submarine I-58 on the morning of July 30, 1945. Mr. Patterson tells the story through the eyes of his friend Jerald Poor, who lived through the sinking and was rescued.


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